To show what was not visible

To modernize the modern

To redefine avant-garde

ZEMĚ ATELIER is a collection of carefully made 3d images merging art with technology and architecture.  each artwork is based in an individual settlement and connects various fields of creativity. Each render and project shows a multiple-layered nature of seeing and experiencing. 

ZEMĚ ATELIER was conceived with an aim to deepen the understanding of art by using modern technology. Renders present the real world of architecture and art in another way of perceiving.  Each brush stoke becomes a plan filled with colorful masses, each stain becomes a volume, each angle transforms into a representation of human involvement with matter.


ZEMĚ ATELIER is collaborating with multiple artists from all around the globe who work using different tools and styles. Each time the work evolves into a great exchange of thoughts and skills, turning into unique ideas balancing between real and virtual, traditional and digital. It begins with a render evolving into a real life experience.